Beauty Staycation PLAY! BOX (JULY)

Happy Wednesday!

Hello my lovelies and how are you all, what have you been up to this summer?

As you can already tell there’s only thing that brought me back to my desk to publish a new post because otherwise these days I’m just not able to find the time, that explains my lack of presence.

A little back story of this unboxing first, so I was really trying to film a PLAY! unboxing for July rather than just a regular blog post. I had big plans for it and was all excited since it would be the very first time that I pull out a tripod along with a camera and hit record instead of capture. But bottom line I didn’t come through, after like 3 attempts and shortage of time (I was literally squeezing in few mins a day to film my unboxing video) I got to practice a bit of filming and bit of editing as well so it wasn’t a lose lose situation. However, after missing out for the first time, I did not want to delay this one at all considering the fact it hit my doorsteps like around the 11th.

So here we are… sorry about the long intro but I had to share with you all you know 🙂



That’s our theme for July and that’s not the only interesting thing about this box, scroll on to find out why 🙂





It’s a innovative lengthening mascara that gives lashes volume, reach, and lift with just one coat.








It’s a cream to matte liquid lipstick in a blushing mauve shade with stay all day formula that is light-weight yet full coverage. Just give it 10 mins to completely dry!

Right off the back, after trying it out I can say it is so soft but doesn’t feel heavy even when you first apply it. Also such a pretty color!






It’s a hydrating gel stick that refreshes and soothes skin for a quick boost of moisture when you’re on the go.

Basically a moisturizer to keep you cool through the summer heat. Enriched with marine minerals!





It’s a ultra-light leave in conditioning spray that delivers non-greasy moisture without weighing down your hair. Uses plant powered products!

Now, I don’t know about this, maybe I should I try it out next time.




It’s a great size sample let me tell you that! And actually it’s a cool looking mask with swirled black and white charcoal balances skin’s moisture, absorbs impurities, andd minimizes the appearance of pores. A skin detox in a jar!

Woah, that’s hand-full right there, right off the back I’m hyped about this. Smells nice!



This Month’s Perfume Pick



It’s inspired by the scent of a relaxed summer morning, crisp blend of sweet blood orange and bitter orange peel with a hint of geranium.

The description may not captivate you as much but I must say this smells nice. Fresh!


Family: Fresh

Top Notes: Blood Orange, Bitter Orange

Middle Notes: Geranium, Jasmine

Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Amber Woods



That brings this unboxing to an end! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 I sure did 🙂 This month’s box was great one!


Now, for the future unboxing’s of these let’s get some input on what’s more preferred a full detail blog post or videos? Let me know you which one you would enjoy more, thank you! If you like the posts hit LIKE 🙂

Don’t forget to share what you received in your box, was it the same or different?

If you are not subscribed you can check out the subscription here PLAY BOX BY SEPHORA ($10)


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Sephora Play Box: January 2017

H-E-L-L-O my beautiful people, how are you? Hope you had an amazing day or starting an amazing day. I’m so excited to be back with another blog post for you all today and I’m sure this one is about to make you excited as well because it’s the UNBOXING of our most adored Sephora Play Box subscription. I’ve seen a lot of your unboxing already and likely mine was a little behind but I rushed to put it up as soon as I got the box so give it a scroll, maybe a like and share it with others who might enjoy it.

Let’s Get Right Into It!


Now that is the theme of this year’s first box and I have to say the creativity of these monthly themes always gets to me I live for these things plus I think as if this box was designed just for me I’m serious it coordinates so well with my major fitness goals and vibes. I mean just take a look at the bag and you’ll see what I mean… 

So What Do We Have In Our Cute Bag This Month… 
Some pretty cool things I would say!

Oh! did I even tell you that I did not take a peek at the box for the first time until it actually arrived at my doorsteps maybe that’s why it was so much fun, I should do that more often.

A Tarte FRXXXTION Stick 

It’s a gel cleanser but in a twist -up stick format and goes from a gel form to a cleansing lather to gently wash away all impurities from your skin. It’s also something I really wanted to try so ‘thank you’ to Sephora for throwing it in this month’s box, I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like this.

Oh, and do you know why, do you know why they threw it in this months box well it’s compact stick that turns to cleanser which is perfect for the gym and also like traveling and stuff duh that makes sense 🙂

A Youth To The People Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream 

It’s a whipped lightweight cream that helps rejuvenate your skin and delivers antioxidants with potent plant extracts. You read that right, it’s a moisturizer with that has kale, spinach and also green tea, a whole lot of goodness in a small container, it actually felt nice on my skin, I applied like once, just a little but it was good, it sounds good. 

It’s for today’s health conscious beauty lovers uh…sounds like me again this is a 100% vegan skincare line and just like this one here all of the company’s products are created in small amounts in their California lab. Interesting!

A OUAI Treatment Masque

It’s a mask to restore and help care for your damaged hair, will leave your hair strands feeling smooth and soft to the touch. 

It’s created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, makes effortless, cool-girl hair a snap, a healthy looking shine and also strengths hair against future damage.

Here’s a PRO Tip from Jen… at the gym or a spa ? use the mask right before you get active, work it into your hair and shampoo later because the heat will help the formula soak in more.

And depending on how dry your hair is you might just use the whole bottle in one treatment.

A Clinique Almost Lipstick In Black Honey

Oh, I see, see now I get it… It’s a SHEER lip color with a glossy finish in a bestselling, cult-classic shade; Black Honey. 

It’s cool because it ‘goes with anything’ just a swipe, no mirrors necessary works for me again makes your lips look fresh and healthy perfect, perfect, this box is just killing it 

Cool Fact: Black Honey was created in 1971 as a color that would suit any skin tone and someone in the U.S. buys a Black Honey lipstick every three minutes. Wow! I knew there was something special about this thing when I saw it hehe 🙂

A AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 

I like that SPF 50+’ thing I see here. It’s a cushion compact CC cream to hydrate and protect your skin at the same time much needed it gives you a build-able coverage that’s weightless in two bendable shades.

It’s one of Seoul’s most popular luxury beauty brand, innovative, skin-soothing complexion formulas are the thing for keeping your skin moisturized and looking it’s best. I’m ‘excited’ to try this 🙂

This is how you should use this baby… take the blue side of the sponge that comes with this and dip it into either of the cushions. Gently dab/tap all across your face and blend with the sponge. And if you have darker under eyes with a darker skin tone you can use the 104 TAN shade to brighten that up OR if you have a lighter skin tone, you use the 106 ALMOND shade to slightly contour your cheekbones. LOVELY!!!

OMG you guys this thing is AMAZING, I fell in love with it at the very first dab 🙂 🙂 You have to try it out! Super nice to my skin!

A Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume 

Feminine and tender featuring notes of pink pepper, orris, and patchouli.

How sweet… this perfume is inspired by Tory Burch’s favorite romantic couple; her parents. And… wait till you hear this, the perfumes name is ‘actually’ from a love note her father wrote to her mother.

The Blend: Floral family with top pink pepper note, middle orris root and base patchouli

Second Play Box and Keeps getting Better!

Hey there lovelies, if you haven’t seen the post before this, It’s Right Here feel free to check it out and if you don’t no worries, you’re not missing out. As you know this is the unboxing of my Sephora PlayBox for the month of November, the box came super early, exactly on the 19th, as badly as I wanted to share it with you that day truth is I wasn’t able to, so I’m doing the unboxing for you today, and since I’ve had it for a while I already tried one of the products aka one I was dieing to try 😀

This Month’s Theme: BEST IN GLOW meet your partners in shine

This was like my type of a box ALL ABOUT THAT GLOW. Sephora says “it’s love at first bright: bypass winter dullness and wake your skin up with this month’s lustrous lineup of glem-getting, radiance-ready beauty. There’s providing highlights with an ultra-shiny lip gel, refreshing face mask (needed), and other illuminating skincare and makeup essentials.

Your Play Pass Here 

Let’s Find out What Those Essentials  Are :

COVER FX ILLUMINATING PRIMER glow inducing, silicone-free primer to prep the skin with a light-reflective mineral and helps eliminate dullness. These are your go-to for sensitive skin, packed with vitamin rich ingredients. Just apply a small amount onto your skin before makeup and blend with your fingers or brush.

THE ESTEE EDIT BY ESTEE LAUDER DISSOLVE THE DRAMA  a 2-in-1 makeup remover and oil cleanser. Transforms from silky oil to a milky foam that leaves skin fresh and luminous. All botanicals, it gives a glow by shooting and conditioning your skin with aloe vera, jojoba oil, and of course cucumber extract. Apply to dry skin first then add some water to create that milky foam cleanser.

LAURA MERCIER CAVIAR STICK EYE COLOUR IN ROSE GOLD a multipurpose, highly pigmented eyeshadow stick that glides and blends easily for transfer-proof, and all-day wear. Laura is all about luxurious, high-performing products. This award-winner can be applied as a eyeliner lightly over the lash line or apply multiple layers to build crease-resistant glimmer, or apply it as highlighter to your cheekbones.

SEPHORA COLLECTION ULTRA SHINE LIP GEL IN PIN UP PINK it’s a hydrating glossy lip gel that visibly plumps lips with lustrous sheen and flattering hot pink hue. I have to say something about this; (first of all, I have not used a lip gloss like since in years I mean years, but I’ve received two already from Sephora and this one is NICE, meaning it’s not sticky) It was inspired by the luxe,lacquered finish of gel nail polishes, head turning formula, more than a glisten shine, gives fuller looking lips, wear it however you like.

I promise this was more pink on my lips than it looks in this picture 💋

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT  (yes, this is what I tried, and I was so happy to receive one this month, came in at the perfect time when my skin needed some special cleansing 🙂 it’s wonderful, left my skin clean, so smooth and fresh.) It’s a skin-clearing mud mask with activated charcoal draws out dirt and impurities while  it also brightens and softens. A red carpet original, did you know; the first glamglow masks were handpicked by the co founders and sent to high-profile actors and actresses in unmarked containers and they quickly became hollywood’s favorite. But you also know, they are P-R-I-C-E-Y.

PRO-TIP! keep breakouts under control by dabbing on SUPERMUD as a 15-min spot treatment. And normally you could use this all over face as often you prefer, recommend is 3 times a week and you have to leave it on for 10-20 mins.

STELLA MCCARTNEY POP Lastly we have the fragrance sample  this is a celebration of self-expression and independence, bold, contemporary scent layers bright floral notes over a base of sandalwood.

Fragrance family: Floral and woody

Top notes: Tomato leaf, violet leaf, green mandarin

Middle notes: Frangipani, tuberose, violet

Base notes: Sandalwood, musk, cedar

If you need more info on this month’s box or looking to subscribe you can do so by clicking the link above in my intro.

The only thing is that most of items (like the more expensive ones I guess) are really small so that’s about it, I just wanted to put that out there since they do appear bigger, what else? oh and sorry if the lighting isn’t the best.Other than that hope you enjoyed this month’s unboxing.

Are you subscribed to the PlayBox ? What did you receive this month? I’m curious to find out so comment below 🙂


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love