BACK TO SCHOOL : First 5 Outfits (Pinterest Inspired)

Hello You Beautiful People!

Well there you go it’s here, yup! You can close your eyes and pretend it’s not here yet. But I say it’s better to open your eyes and lay them on these first five outfit ideas for back to school week, you all do want to look cute, even if you’re not ready, am I right?

So for that reason I’m bringing you this post dedicated to Back To School series, and without a further due let’s just get right to it.


 1. Quick But Very Put Together, It’s the First Day & You Forgot About The A.M Class It’s Okay

65 Fall Outfits for School to COPY ASAP It’s back to school season and I know you are “oh so excited” to go back to school right??? LOL, probably not…

2. You’re a Fashionista, Hands Down!

Hijab Fashionista Outfit  #330


3. Running Late But You Got This Totally! 

Pinterest: @ ↠savana_rollins↠

4. Bringing In The Fall Vibes And Slaying

Awesome 50+ Best Fall Outfit For Women Accessorize with good jewelry to boost the dress that you select. Empire waist dresses work nicely for women that are petite. Skirts have always been part of casual styles for ladies, although in various patterns and colours.

5.  … You’ve Now Officially Settled In, Keep Rolling


6 Stylish Fall Outfits for School  - As a teenager or a young adult, school is quite imperative and takes a big, vital role in your own small world. So, the sign "Back to School" does not... -   .


This was a short but sweet post to kickoff the Back To School season, I think I’m going to do more and I know I’m starting a bit late but I really feel these type of blog posts relating to school are always helpful, at least, I enjoy them and find them very helpful and inspiring. If you feel the same way please do LIKE this post 🙂 and leave your comments below; are you ready for back to school? and when is your first day?

This was one of my Pinterest Inspired posts for back to school because I find myself scrolling through Pinterest all the time and I’m always inspired so I wanted to bring that over to the blog once in a while to share my ideas from Pinterest.

The above outfits are very simple and I think on the most part reflective of my own choice so share yours because I would love to see 🙂 and I wish you all a great, successful year ahead in school, have fun!

NOTE: All credit goes to the original owner of the pictures above and are used here for inspiration reasons only (taken from Pinterest)





700 Followers : Thank You!

One year blog anniversary, followed by many more wonderful followers, here’s to yet another milestone.

A bigger accomplishment, another step forward, more people, more pressure to perform better, bigger.


700 may either seem irrelevant to you or seem like a huge jaw-dropping moment it all depends on perspective and position. If you’ve hit the 1000’s mark it’s a smaller number and if you’ve just started to eyeball your follower count it’s pretty big number. Because if I look back at the days I started this then today seems like a dream. And if I carry on with only the present status of my site, I might look at how it’s far from reaching a 1000 still. In the time we live in we tend to flow with the second perspective more often, I’m constantly catching myself yearning for ‘something’ with all passion and then what happens after I’ve obtained that specific ‘something’ it’s completely forgotten and the stress of obtaining that ‘thing’ is greater than it’s rewards. 

In short, let’s always remember to pause every now and then to truly take in and enjoy the outcomes of your efforts and hard work. Sit back and admire 🙂

And with that long paragraph I mean to say thank you while sharing my inner-feelings on coming this far here. 

From anyone who have just joined us at 699 to the ones that have been here since the very first few 10’s and 100’s to all in between;






P.S. I’m ready to meet more of you so comment your blog name below and share ‘why’ you started blogging in the first place.

Thank You For Following!

Stay Beautiful 


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Birthday Blog


H-E-L-L-O beautiful souls! Yes, today is the day (Cinco De Mayo) but can you move aside just a little please, cause it’s my B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y today. A special of special days and to you I wanna say you are the most special person you’ll ever meet okay it’s not cheesy it’s the truth so love yourself everyday and a little extra on your B-DAY 🙂 Also, thank you for being with me on this beautiful day, love you all very very much.


This is a BIRTHDAY BLOG as I am calling it…

Is it planned out in a certain way, probably not, at least not this time 🙂

I just wanted to simply share the day with you and most importantly what I’m doing for myself goals and all You can call this a “What I got for my Birthday/What I plan for the year” if you like.

Credit: One Amazing Brother


air-balloon-balloons-birthday-42067 (1).jpeg

What I Got For My Birthday (presents)

Now these are not material presents I’m talking of here, although I did get myself a new phone; the s8 🙂




The biggest gift I gave myself this birthday would be the GYM, yes, yes, yes you heard right. I said the G-Y-M but not just get a membership card and call it a day because I got a membership a while back, in the beginning of winter I believe. But during spring break like day one is when I properly began my fitness routine with a promise to not let it slide. In result, these past weeks leading up to May aka also my birthday have been extremely uplifting, energetic, and happy. What more would you ask for, expect for a hot body that comes with these benefits like a cherry on top. 


Then I finally got accepted into a program at school for which I had waited a long time, not mentioning the bad luck with jobs. This program was sought after so much because of it’s impact on my personal/professional growth. While helping out the community is a great feeling itself and gaining an edge in the work field, I will also be making some cash money again a cherry on top.

Also, I’ll be completing my associates by the end  summer and when I though about it, it made me pretty damn happy.

How can I forget this blog, it came into my life after my last bday but it’s been a beautiful addition.

Lastly, you curious creatures are probably wondering what did my loved ones get me … my family member’s just present me with cash-money so I buy whatever I like 🙂 now you now why there aren’t pretty gift boxes in this post, cause I got those pretty bucks in my wallet 🙂

What’s in store this year (plans)

First and foremost, a serious job hunt, like I ain’t giving up until I land that job whose descriptions speaks to me like yeah, I need to be here. I will go after it without feeling exhausted, put in time and energy it requires.

Secondly, get me a car after I have a job to take care of it

Increase my confidence, reduce the stress that’s been taking over

More photography (maybe start videos as well for the blog)

Keep up with the fitness routine

Live in the moment and be happy

But before all of that ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ It’s time to celebrate the day with family, then go celebrate with friends 🙂



And with that the THE FIRST BIRTHDAY BLOG comes to an end, 23 and still not feeling the whole adult life yet. Though, I’m progressing which is important but I don’t ‘feel’ it in a sense where it’s always hitting me that I’m going far and far into my twenties. I don’t feel old, you shouldn’t either, externally, do take care of yourself or you’ll start to look old even if you aren’t feeling it.



Before I logoff, I would like to wish all the May babies a

‘H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y’



Gilts&Glamz Is Getting A New Name!

Hello Awesome Followers (or more so) Friends,

This blog has come a long, long, very long way, to be honest at times I still can’t believe that it exits but thankfully it does and on top of everything ‘YOU’ people have made it a big beautiful thing ( a GlamFam of 600+). This blog you know as Gilts&Glamz once impulsively got it’s name and the owner (ME) (proudly smiles) was so grossed in learning and creating content for this blog, meeting (well virtually meeting) other bloggers that before I noticed I was far into this and it was growing (taken by surprise, again) and started to constantly think of the name and it’s meaning, impact and all that hard stuff that initially goes into a professional looking blog.

So taking it step by step because that’s the right way to do it, much consideration and thought will be put into this blog from here on (I tell myself and I will stick to it) so today I present to you …. the new name for this blog with high hopes that’ll you support it with much more love as it precedes, your input is always welcome, (in fact, I was thinking of letting you all vote on it, just because why not)

free-styled-stock-photos-7.jpgWithout further suspense, Let’s unveil the new name:

Gilts&Glamz is now ‘Xclusive Glam’

Yas! I have now confirmed this name (in hope of not having to change it again) as with any change to come, I’ll announce it before it takes place.

Thank You & Love You All,

You Are The Best!





CONQUER Your Goals ( A 5-Step Personal Guide)

Happy Friday!

Now that you’ve survived Monday, and the Monday before it and ‘all’ the Mondays of 2017 so far. I’m here to ask you, are you always looking forward to the next day because today just didn’t cut it for you, so you tell yourself tomorrow will be better and you’ll do it all (all). But what really happens the next day ______________ fill in the blank.

And if you’re anything like me you are most likely to fill in the blank with ‘unsuccessful’ and trust me ‘worst feeling ever’ but no worries, I’m here with a full-proof solution, you just have to make it work so all the best!

Conquer Your Goals In 5 – Steps (Day to Day)


1. Get In Touch 

In touch with your (inner) self, recognize and be in-tone with your self. How you work internally and externally, this means being well aware of your work style, relaxing style, and also your stressors. For example, What’s one thing that get’s you in the mood to do something, what’s one thing that holds you back from doing something.


2. Night Before

Night time is something I live for all day but what do I do… one word youtube sometimes two Instagram. I’ve actually learned to benefit from these time stealers , and (if you think about it, the internet is always there to help you, the ‘catch’ is ‘if’ you allow.)

Here’s how you too can benefit from the endless hours you spend online aka youtube/Instagram;

  • Firstly, go ahead and unfollow all negativity or anything that doesn’t align with your personal goals or passions.
  • Secondly, should be obvious, now do follow people that share a good energy with you or you find appealing enough to motivate ‘you’ to do the same for yourself, for example, fitness oriented goals follow fitness gurus that are genuinely working hard and beauty bloggers find beauty gurus that resemble your personal style or simply speak to you.
  • Goal here is to find a spark of inspiration and get a good dose of motivation during this time where there are no other distractions.

3. Talk To Yourself 

This is similar to step-two but slightly different. Here’s how it plays out, so you’ve got a lot on your hand in return you keep piling your mind with imaginary to-do lists until it becomes one big jumble and scares you to your bed in the middle of the day.

  • Take a deep breath, sit down
  • Start counting everything you need to do (out loud)
  • Plan out loud (when) and (how) you will tackle each task
  • Goal here is to relieve the overwhelming feelings

4. List The Day

Every morning or night (which ever works best for you)

  • Have a open notepad in your room
  • Make a list of your day (bullet points)
  • This list should not look like your a journey entry or bucket list
  • It should have at least 5 or more things you need to get done that specific day and no more (Example: Drink Gallon Water, Write Paper, Write Bills etc.)
  • End of day look at your list and put little checks/ smiley faces next to your accomplished tasks
  • Repeat next day
  • Goal here is to help build habits that will produce long-term success



5. Reflect  

Check-in with yourself, ask yourself how am I doing, am I getting closer to my plans, am I walking in a completely different direction, am I stuck in one place. When ever you start to feel puzzled and stuck sit down and conduct a Q&A with yourself.

  • If you fail, it’s okay!
  • Start again tomorrow
  • If one routine is not working, try another one
  • Keep trying until you find one that works best for you
  • Reward yourself for your achievements (a pat on the back)
  • Goal here is to not lose track, keep you eyes peeled to your goals and tackle them daily


This was a long read but hey it starts here, you must we willing read through this, for this to work. This is no easy work (I would know) it requires dedication and a will to succeed. Take what you can, tweak what you can because this is a in practice (personal) guide; which has worked to make my days more productive.

I’ll leave you to it now since you have so many GOALS to CONQUER and be a proud self. GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU FOR READING as always, feedback, feedback, I wanna see your comments and ‘likes’ if you prefer these type of things on my blog.



Stay Beautiful

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600 Followers: OMG…Thank Youuu!

600? 600? Six Hundred? You Guys Are AMAZING!!!

When I noticed I had hit 600 followers on the blog, it took me ‘some’ time to process it ‘some’ time that I am writing this post now, like now, you can say it took a ‘while’ jokes aside, if I think about it even now, like count the number, it’s overwhelming, but in the best of ways because I feel overwhelmed a lot and it’s never for a good cause. If you can’t already tell, despite this amazing progress I’ve been away. You’ve seen less and less content which is a bad thing but also a good thing, it’s good because I have refrained myself from just posting stuff without giving it much deserved attention and love. I mean 600 is a big number, looks like some responsibility and serious planning are under way. What so ever… today, in this moment I am here to give you all a bear (HUG) to thank you for bringing my blog all this way and yes, I’m afraid now of losing you all, because these are just the beginnings and we have a long way to go and endless new blogs to support, never stop sharing the love and smiles. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, love you all! xoxo
new 600 followers sticker

In celebration let’s have a INSTA follow session, ready?

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  1. Like this post
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  3. And smile 🙂 cause that’s all


There Are 600+ of You Now And I Lo♥e Each One of You!



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Another Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

gold-trophy RecAnother blogger recognition award makes it’s way to our little blog here, cheers! and kisses to the beautiful Megan for presenting this wonderful opportunity again. Also, Also, a while back the lovely The Beauti Bag  also nominated me for this award, I’m @BEAUTiBAG it’s super late.

This makes me feel very appreciated and acknowledged and more like I’m not just talking to myself through my writing on the internet. Rather such beautifully talented people are reading, commenting, and awarding me for it. Best, best feeling I tell you. Thank You Megan, You’re a total sweetheart.

heart_nominateThe Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to the post you created

How My Blog Started:

So do I share the same story every time of how it all started? I don’t know, I don’t wanna bore you, but I also wouldn’t want to lie to you, so yes, this blog you see here, started because you’re girl needed something to do in her free time, therapy? blogging is very therapeutic, isn’t it? So yeah, last summer break, right before the spring semester was ending, I created an account on WordPress for the second time and later published my first post This One right here, all about hair, a hair mask to be exact because that the was one of top things on my mind at that time; hair. I was struggling with hair-fall and all so I shared my old most used hair-mask that worked wonders for my hair in the past. So I was eager to share that on my blog and it was a happy moment, when I started hear my phone beep and it was notifications of people visiting that post, I still remember that very first girl to comment and like my post but I never saw her again, sad but now I have more 500 of you, YIKES, crazy isn’t it. 

That got long? Sorry! 🙂

I nominate: 

New Lune

Pink For Days

Orianas Notes

Sugar Kis

Simply Sorcha

Beyoutiful Inside Out

Colorful Life Notes

The Stylish Dreamer

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Jessica Riga

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Side Note: I say you check these blogs out, I mean I’m just saying, don’t say I didn’t let you in 🙂


Stay Beautiful


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