Latest Purchase: Shoe Necessity


Hello lovelies… hope you didn’t miss me too much hehe so clearly I wasn’t able to stick to my plan for blogging about every other day I do have so much planned, it needs to be out here but it’s just not happening, it’s not! But you know what it’s OKAY, it’s okay because like I said in the beginning or maybe like 10 times for me blogging is something I enjoy and do away with stress and I would not want to take that away from myself so I post when I best feel like it and I can best create content for you all. You get me? ok, without further chatter I’ll skip to the actual post, ready?

Here we go… so don’t laugh at me for even calling a ‘haul’ cause it’s clearly 3 things, yeah 3 things. But oh well… I wanted to share it with you 🙂 so please scroll through the rest of my post, pretty please ?

Here’s My Latest Purchase, ALL SHOES!

I was actually looking for some new flats, and the other two just came along because they were on sale, or clearance one of them.

All purchased from Macy’s online of course, if you anything about me so far, I can not, I can not shop in stores, I’ll spend the whole day come home with something I don’t need or nothing, but it’s fun to just browse 🙂 

1. I.N.C International Concepts  Women’s Zitah Pointed Toe Pumps

   Currently: on sale $24.32 


2. Micheal Kors  Fulton Moc Flats 

Currently: on Sale $52.49


3. I.N.C International Concepts  I just couldn’t find this one online anymore, maybe it’s gone SORRY! 

Currently: Gone!

(I’ll promise to updated it, if I find it back online 🙂

It is my favorite one of these, my favorite color and style and such a steal for the price I found.

20170207125700_IMG_0624 20170207125218_IMG_0614

I said it was only 3 items in this haul, didn’t I ? If you made it all the way here might as well tell me which one you liked the most or which one you hated the most. The first two are kind of like necessary one’s the colors and everything the last one was cute so I couldn’t skip on it.

That’s it for today gals, be sure to catch me on my next one… whenever that is, no more promises, just do what you can. Okay! Bye!

Disclaimer: No, it was not sponsored, affiliated, or anything I clearly bought everything.


Stay Beautiful


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