Flawless Under-Eye Concealer

Under-eye makeup

Happy Friday!

If it’s morning time for you as well then, in that case; wish you a good, positive, beautiful morning and hope you’re Friday is a fantastic one, also I thank you for taking the time to read my post.

If you’re kind of mad at me, or just irritated ? of course for not touching on the good old ‘beauty’ posts then worry no more, today’s post is all about that and many more are on the way so without a further due I’m getting right into it…

In this post I’ll be sharing with you my personal routine for applying concealer to the under-eye area without it looking  crusty and all cakey, I might shock some people when I say I didn’t wear canceler until recently no I did not have perfect under-eye I just didn’t feel comfortable the way it looked on my skin or you can say I didn’t know to apply it properly, whatever you like to believe but on my defense I would say I did exactly what all the makeup guru’s did on youtube but it never looked the same for me.


Say Bye Bye To Ugly Crusty Under-Eye Makeup

Makeup or no makeup, I make sure the area under my eyes is never dry, first and fore most I try to stay hydrated. I keep my under-eye area well moisturized by applying a dab of vaseline lightly every night or a good eye-cream, these days I just went back to using the vaseline trick.

Now, in the morning to the actual application:

  1. Prep I apply moisturizer, and sometimes I would even go in with the slightest bit of vaseline again. Dab that on with my finger very light handed.
  2. Skip The Base I have noticed that it’s best for me to leave out my under-eye area when applying base to the rest of my face, so that’s what I do now and it’s made a difference, a difference that I actually wear concealer now hehe
  3. Use A Setting Spray Next step is to take a setting spray and spray that on my brush, but it can’t be too wet. And yes I use a brush, I know most people use a beauty blender/sponge but the brush works fine for me. If you’re curious as to what brush I use I’ll make sure there here for you to check out: The Bestope Makeup Brushes they’re super inexpensive but are working great for me, I even reviewed them a while back, you can check that out right here Bestope Affordable Makeup Brushes Review
  4.  Blend Properly The last thing is to just use the brush in pressing motions or dabbing motion whatever you like to call it but the concern is to not swipe the brush around to blend out the concealer, what concealer I use? Everyone’s Favorite, Okay Almost Everyone’s Favorite: The Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser
  5. Set it Lastly, I do go in with a powder but must I say very lightly cause that’s just me I feel I use the word light to much in my makeup talks so just to put it out there so yeah the powder helps everything to set and prevent lines and creasing throughout the day. Currently I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder


That’s all loves, it’s that simple and quick, well it’s has to be for my everyday routine but it’s working well for me to the point that I’m actually wearing my concealer now. Give it a try and see what it does for you OR leave your personal cake free under-eye concealer tips/routine/whatever you do for a flawless concealer application because I can use those and I’m sure other’s will appreciate them as well, sharing is caring 🙂


Stay Beautiful!


DISCLAIMER: I am an amazon associate now, therefore, any links to amazon are affiliate links.


*(And of course… I have YET to post about the ‘Amazon Associate’ program, look out for it 🙂 )

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Let’s Get Social… (Following On Twitter Right Now)

Social Media

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I’ve was just sitting down and scrolling through twitter feed as it hit me that I may not have you all on my twitter and I’m probably missing out on your wonderful tweets, as much as much I try to follow as many people I can find on social media, it’s still not everyone and that makes me sad so I decided why not do something fun and connect even more on social media. Are you ready?


For the next hour or two, okay two hours. In the next two hours, I am going to follow everyone anyone who comments on this post.


If you would like me to follow you on twitter simply;

  • Like this post
  • Head on over to twitter & follow @GiltsAndGlamz and I will follow you back, (I’m waiting)
  • And that’s it! (Simple as that)

Hope To See You There 🙂 



Now  we wait and see how this goes, ready set go comment!

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Shiny Hair On The Way…

Hello loviiies! Today I am sharing with you my go to DIY hair mask. The best part is, it only uses three ingredients, and super easy + inexpensive to make! Lets get right into it: Ingredients: 1/4 cup Coconut Oil 1/2 Avocado 1 egg yolk Directions: Heat up coconut oil in bowl fo 15 seconds. Mix […]

via DIY Hair Mask —

Smitten… (February Sephora Play Unboxing)

Happy Wednesday, And Now It’s Friday so HAPPY FRIDAY!

(And this let’s you know exactly how late this post is, but I had internet problems okay, Valid reason this time.

Were you smitten yesterday? I know was… after I saw this thing oh la la

In the least and most simple words, Sephora came thru this month, the box arrived before the email of it’s shipment huh, would you look at that 

The bag was smitten and the products were worth the hype, this box was a good combination of products, and and… wait for it… there were ‘two’ lip products this time.

Lets have a look, but first I just wanted to say that I decided on something about these monthly unboxing (so far I only have one 🙂 but anyways, I was going to say that I’ve decided to create brand new series on the blog, where I can share, review, and just talk about all the samples because I found myself using some of samples from the day I got them and love them so much so I have to share it with you. Which simply means these unboxing’s will be quite simple and short, so enjoy it!

The Soft Side


Muted, mellow shades and skin-perfecting formulas are a never-fail way to show off your natural         beauty. From a romantic lip color to a radiance-boosting eye cream, add definition and just a hint of drama with month’s subtle -yet-stunning lineup of makeup and skincare. 




Totally For Blur 


Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur

A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer-meets-primer instantly blurs imperfections while providing all-day hydration for a silky, soft-focus finish.

Pro tip: keep handy throughout the day and apply over your makeup for a quick fix, press into areas that need extra shine control and hydration at the same time. 

Lash Out Loud 

 Sephora Collection Lash Craft Length & Volume Mascara 

 A jet-black voluming mascara with an innovation flat paddle-shaped wand to lengthen and lift lashes. 

Pro Tip: one of our favorite things about this nylon infused formula is how easy it is to take off! No need to scrub or tug: it washes away with water. Yas and Yas!

Your Glide And Joy

NARS Velvet Lip Glide In Bound 

A nude -pink, stay-all-day liquid lipstick that applies easily and leaves a semi-matte finish with silky feel.

Fun Fact : All the shades are named after legendary ’70s dance clubs

Full Lips Ahead

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy In Milkshake 

Sheer tinted gloss uses a botanical -infused formula to visibly plump lips instantly while also hydrating     and softening over time.

Pro Tip: the effectiveness of this lip gloss are known are to build over time, so try using everyday for 30 days to see if you notice an improvement in the softened of your lips.

Zing It On 

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 

A luminous eye cream infused with coffee beans, ginseng, and magnolia extract to visibly brighten and de-puff the under eye area.

Thought you might like to know a bit more of the goods in it; coffee beans : energize tired skin with antioxidants and caffeine

Ginseng Root: contains anti-aging and skin-healing benefits

Magnolia Extract: corrects redness and reduces inflammation


Fall In Luxe With Fragrance 

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence 

Effervescent, floral, and bright, this sparking, champagne-doused secant is the embodiment of luxury and glamour. And and I love it! 

The blend: earthy & wood (no wonder I loved it 🙂

Champagne extract, orange blossom, bergamot

Gardenia, hydrangea, honeysuckle

Amber, vanilla, saffron

There you have it, the February unboxing of the Sephora Play Box  is finally up for you to see, share, and comment which one of these products is your fav. Hope you have an amazing day 🙂 see you in my next one.


Stay Beautiful


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TAG: Get To Know Me (For The First Time)

Happy Tuesday + Valentines Day!


Hello my lovelies, hope you are making the best and most of your morning or night wherever in the world you are, with who ever you decided to spend it with. I just want to say that starting a blog has proved to be a better decision than it seemed simply because of you, yes ‘you’ reading this right now, each and every person that stops by my blog is special and very much valued here, I always meet so many of you here but also those who are older followers and always come and visit my blog every time I post something new yes, I see you all and know you all consistent followers you guys are becoming more like friends here and a strong motivation for me to grow my blog I just hope I don’t disappoint you guys 🙂 

As you can tell this is suppose to be the Get To Know Me Tag and I hadn’t thought of this to be honest until the beautiful Emma invited me to participate in this tag while ago but not too long ago so I was like why not,  this should be fun but before we get into it please guys go over and follow Emma’s site, thank you!


25 Questions Get To Know Me!

1. What is your middle name ?

I do not have a middle name 

2. What was your favorite subject at school?

It would have to be English/writing cause I still seem to be doing that for fun hehe and also I actually did good in that subject even in college.

3. What is your favorite drink?

My all time favorite drink would have to be the Dr Pepper soda

4. What is your favorite song at the moment ?
5. What is your favorite food?

Fries ? Okay as a whole meal it would be fried rice with salad.

6. What is the last thing you bought? 

Shoes. 🙂 

7. Favorite book of all time ?

Don’t be mad but when was the last time I picked up a book, okay I would say “Of Mice And Men”

8. What is your favorite color ?

Pink, Gray, Did you say color or colors ? 

9. Do you have any pets? 

No! But I want a pet 😩

10. What is your favorite perfume?

Currently I’m loving the Nirvana Bourbon By Elizabeth And James 🙂
11. What is your favorite holiday?

Forth of July and of course Eid 🙂 ( a muslim holiday, comes twice a year just in case you didn’t know) I love anything that involves fireworks and lights to the max.

12. Are you married ?

No! And so not ready to be 😬

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times ?

Yeah, like once! Did I mention that I love traveling and yet I’ve been out of the country once, maybe that accounts for all my irritation 😒 it’s okay they say patience is a good thing so I try to be patient while I earn me that money and privilege. 

14. Do you speak any other language? 

Yes I do, my home language 

15. How many siblings do you have ?

I have one younger brother 

16. What is favorite shop?

Shop as in any shop? or a beauty shop ? being a online shopper I would say Victoria Secret, The Body Shop 

17. What is your favorite restaurant?

I don’t really have a favorite restaurant yeah!
18. When was the last time you cried ?

I …don’t remember 🤔 well you see there comes a time when you kind of give it up maybe?now I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad but it is what it is. However, I use to cry a lot when I was younger so guess that makes up for it hehe

19. What is your favorite blog?

Oh, no no… I can’t just pick one plus are you asking me about the blogs here or in general, not the that makes it any easier. How about I gather and give you a list of some of my most watched ones, in a another post maybe? 
20. What is your favorite movie?

Uhh.. Don’t like these questions because I can’t pick one movie…. Give me a moment 
21. What are your favorite tv shows?

That’s more like it, I like that’s ‘ at the end shows; Baby Daddy, Friends, Modern Family 

22. Which one PC or MAC?


23. What phone do you have?

I currently have the galaxy Note 4 from Samsung, it’s almost time for it to go 

24. How tall are you?

I am 5’3 

25. Can you cook?

Depends on the situation, if there is no food and no one to make some good home food, then yes I can cook and don’t worry its eatable 😋

That’s it? Wow surprisingly this was so much fun, I want more of these, now if you find this extremely boring then I won’t do too many of these but you’ll still see a few here and there cause I freakin loved it 😃 it just me :attention seeker or these make you feel special, in a way that someone wants to know you hehe I don’t know leave a comment.

Oh, am I suppose to tag people, 3 ? I think


1. Just Jo Beauty

2. Mercyish

3.Jessica Maclafferty



Hugs And Kisses For You All! 

Stay Beautiful,

Spread Love Always 

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The One Lovely Award!

Happy Sunday!one-lovely-blog-award-badge1

It is a happy happy Sunday for me to be accepting this ‘One Lovely Award’ for my blog. Thanks to the L-O-V-E-L-Y Ciarra Lorren, thank you, thank you girl, you are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I am also very sorry for taking too long but don’t get it wrong, my excitement is just as high as it was when I first saw your nomination, thank you for making me feel special 🙂 I don’t have words to describe your blog, I guess you guys will just have to go and see for yourself and let me tell you, you’ll thank me for sending you there, Ciarra is such a smart, stylish and sophisticated beauty and deserves all the followers she can get.



  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees they’ve been nominated for one lovely award

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I actually don’t like too much makeup on myself, I mean I’m more on the soft-glam side of makeup.
  2. I suck at managing time
  3. I either reply ‘right away’ to your message or hours later even days
  4. Candy = happy jolly me
  5. Either I won’t stop talking or sometimes I won’t start
  6. I’m not a morning person, but half of the time you won’t be able to tell weird huh? 
  7. Even if people think I’m weird, It’s perfectly fine with me as long as I’m comfortable with myself

The Nominations:

  1. Sarahs Cup Of Beauty
  2. Life of A MUA
  3. Jayne & Jane
  4. Kelley Nicole Whilden
  5. Just Jo Beauty
  6. Exquisiteemmalisa
  7. Hey It’s Nyse
  8. Ramona Dobrica
  9. Mercyish
  10. Rightingnow
  11. Golden Pink Journal
  12. PensivePalindrome
  13. Alanathropology
  14. Jazzy Blogs
  15. Mimosas And Marionettes

Thank you once again to the lovely Ciarra for this honor, the best part about receiving these awards is than nominating other beautiful bloggers, so you enjoy this blog award for now until I go tell my lovely friends about their new award, see you soon, stay shinning and thank you for being here 🙂 xoxo


Until Next Time,

Stay Beautiful,

Lots of Love,

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