Get Your New Blog Up And Running (My Personal Tips & Secrets)

Hello Beautiful People!

I say why not get down to some business today, the business of blogging of course! I have read so many blog posts recently advising new bloggers and they’re all great, so much you can learn from each and every one of them, and I’m actually really proud of myself when I say that I had actually been following the most important and common advice all along 🙂 whatever it was that I was doing was floating my boat and it came as a surprise when one lovely blogger requested that I share my secrets and tips on how to build and grow a new blog. I’ll be honest and tell you that deep down it feels great 🙂 so here it is; just some real, personal and honest advice or call it ‘secrets’ if you will.

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5 Piece of Personal Advice To New Bloggers or ( Even Bloggers In General) 

  1. Just Do It  

    Whether you are still in the process of deciding whether or not you should start a blog or already running one, I would tell you to “just do it” let your ideas flow, if it hit you that you should start a blog, than go ahead and do it right away before that idea gets completely ignored. Have an idea for your next post, hit that ‘write’ button and write down it’s title at least so it’s there to remind you. Let this be something that free’s your mind, something that makes you just as happy even a year later.

  2. Also, Don’t Over Do It 

    Before you get confused and click away, let me tell you what I mean here, this ties perfectly with the first piece of advice, while you want to follow your impulses and just create that post. What you don’t want to do is; force yourself to write and publish content because you feel there is some pressure to do so. This will ‘not’ always bring traffic to your blog, you can start a blog and publish 50 posts back to back but see that you’re not reaching as much views or likes or communication in general, this leads us to my next piece of advice.

  3. Communicate 

    Can’t stress this enough, communicate, communicate, it can be hard especially if you burden yourself with too many posts, this is why you should try to maintain a good balance between creating content and communicating with your readers, which includes actually reading their content, giving feedback, and liking their posts also going and discovering new blogs and following them. This is a give and take and I know, trust me I know, it’s time consuming but it’s crucial. I believe this is the only thing that has helped me reach the point that I am at today, because let’s be real, my content is ‘my’ content, just me rambling on and on about things and even if it was top notch I wouldn’t be going any where with it until people actually came and saw it and liked it and shared it. So I hope you get the point here, go out and discover blogs and forget about the stat’s for now. Once you start viewing more and more blogs, you’ll start to love it at least I love it, it’s so much fun.

  4. Quality, Appearance, Photos And More 

    What makes you click on a blog post or even a blog it self, think about how much of an influence appearance has. You’re writing may be on point and filled with some ideas worth reading but truth is, it’s not going to speak to readers, it’s not going to make them click on it, and therefore, they’ll never know what they missed out on so do yourself a favor and your readers by making your posts look attractive, use visuals, use nice big fonts, photo’s and colors. You do not need to go out and purchase an expensive camera in order to get amazing photo’s for your blog or at least not yet, use your phone and good editing apps, play around to see what works best for you but the goal here is to invest time in your photos and the overall appearance of your blog and every post. Another reason you should check out other blogs, you’ll be inspired everyday for your own blog.

  5. Assess Yourself  

    After all every person is different and therefore every blog is unique, look to other for inspiration not competition, and It would be right to say that the blogging community is super positive and loving anyways. All you have to do is find your place and get comfortable, and no one is better at being ‘you’ only you can do that, so explore every side, every style and you’ll know when you’ve found exactly what speaks to you then from there on just let that speak to your audience, a little love and some passion is all you need to succeed here.

I am by no means an expert at this, just a little passion to be more creative each day, I’m still learning but there you have it, some advice just for you. Hope it’s not too much to read and that it actually benefits you in some way, if it does be sure to come back and share your story, and feel free to leave a tip or two yourself all you lovely readers because sharing is caring.

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Stay Beautiful!

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The Blogger Recognition Award

trophy-153395_640I know, I know I wanted to do this one as soon as I saw my nomination that’s how excited I was and I would like to say I’ve done well and definitely caught up over the break. Here it is… another award, for me ? my blog ? wow hard to believe that many of you are actually taking the time to read, comment and like my posts here and on top of all that you guys have nominated me for such amazing awards. I still remember coming here and seeing people showcase their awards and let me tell you “I was like wow, that’s amazing (with a smile)” and you know what it is amazing cause I also remember my first liebster award which was not long ago so thank you to all. But, special thanks to the beautiful Beauty Everest or better yet, I would like to call her a good friend because ever since we got in touch over our blogs, she’s been nothing but a sweet inspiration and a great supporter, love her 🙂 and I’m sure you would too so what you waiting for, subscribe to her blog now so you don’t miss out on her awesome makeup tutorials and all the other stuff.

heart_nominateThere Are A Few Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Let Go…

How My Blog Started: 

Hmm… I’ve actually been wanting to do something like this 🙂 My blog started one summer afternoon or to backtrack a little it actually started right when I was finishing up my second semester at school. I was tired and had just submitted my some work for a class that I went on to create or sign up for a website at WordPress, I had thought of it during the day while I was sitting in class and well… kind of bored, so I followed through later when I got home and signed up. Not to mention, with little consideration for my site address and that it would be something more permeant and harder to change later on, that’s how random it was. Now, back to the nice summer afternoon, that was the day, I woke up from sleeping all I could and upon waking up I just rushed to publish my first, very first  post here and I still remember the first person to comment and then follow, and oh! those notifications hitting my phone, I was thrilled 🙂 and from there on it continued and will hopefully continue on and on, the progress is right here. My blog started randomly but it had a purpose and a reason which may or may not have been very apparent, my mission was to spread positivity and beauty.

Two Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers:

  1. Let this be something you enjoy and cherish do not, do not go crazy over how many views or likes a day you’re hitting, yes, that makes you happy and makes want to put in more work, which is great and that’s how it should stay. Your number one priority should be to make your self happy with the content of your blog because when you love what you put out there so will your readers.
  2. Be YOU, Be REAL yes, original is what your aim should be, trust me when I say you do not need to change the way you speak to publish content on your blog, write as you speak, write as you feel, and write as though you were talking to a friend in a real life, that is whats going to attract and connect readers to your blog.

Now to the best part… The Nominations:

  1. The Beauti-Bag
  2. Elysian With Love
  3. Chars Beauty Box
  4. The Stylish Confident
  5. Life of A MUA
  6. Ciarra Lorren
  7. Kelly Nicole Whilden
  8. The Lissa Way
  9. Hey Its Nyse
  10. Simply Stella
  11. Ramona Dobrica
  12. Queen City Petite
  13. Call Me Trav
  14. Anju
  15. Makeup Your Makeup Blog

Beauty Everest  thank you for this honor as well as this opportunity to be able to share the recognition/appreciation with more other talented people here, it truly takes blogging to another exciting level.


Stay Beautiful


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The Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile-blogger-award-trophyHello my lovelies, can I begin to tell you because I don’t know where to start and plus I think I ramble too much, especially with these type of posts. So this one is going to be straight-forward, I’ll try :) As you know by the title already, this is my versatile blogger award the very first one 🙂 and Nyse; my lovely, funny, and super cute beauty thank you so much for this honor and words simply can’t put my happiness out here. Rest of you amazing personalities should visit her blog right now cause her ‘about’ page is sure to put you in a good mood. heart_nominateAs I’ve seen on Nyse’s blog post, I’m suppose to state 7 facts about me, so here we go…

7 Facts About Me

  1. I took a really long time to start my college career, gave my self all the time to think about what I really wanted to do in college and how I was going to do it and all that confusing stuff. I finally got over that huge block and guess what,  I came out more determined to actually stick with my plans and stay dedicated no matter what happens.
  2. I enjoy my own company and sometimes it’s necessary
  3. I don’t love ‘all’ that makeup on my own face as much as I love admiring  it on others and talking about it and playing with it and one day eventually becoming great at it
  4. I don’t have ‘too’ many friends
  5. The color pink will always and forever make me happy
  6. My family ‘only’ calls me by nick name
  7. I hate it when my routines get disturbed too often, yes… I’m a routines person 🙂

Okay, that was really fun… thank you for this nomination Nyse, you’re an amazing human being. I’m even more excited to nominate my beautiful fellow bloggers now, so here we go it’s seems that there can be only 10 nominations, Though, I wish I could nominate more than 10 

And The Nominations Go To…

  1. Beauty Everest
  2. Rosetintedpics
  3. Laughloveandhippie
  4. Beautiful,Gracious,& Good
  5. Ivanmakeupworld
  6. Laurenellen
  7. MakeupManiac
  8. A brash attitude
  9. Cozy at heart
  10. Healthy_Glow

These ‘awards’ are seriously the best and everytime you receive one, you get to experience the feeling of success, which is sweet because it means you’re not only noticed but also appreciated and loved which helps you flourish more, that’s the beauty of it, so go ahead and share it by nominating 10 more deserving blogs on your award.


Stay Beautiful


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Sephora Play Box: January 2017

H-E-L-L-O my beautiful people, how are you? Hope you had an amazing day or starting an amazing day. I’m so excited to be back with another blog post for you all today and I’m sure this one is about to make you excited as well because it’s the UNBOXING of our most adored Sephora Play Box subscription. I’ve seen a lot of your unboxing already and likely mine was a little behind but I rushed to put it up as soon as I got the box so give it a scroll, maybe a like and share it with others who might enjoy it.

Let’s Get Right Into It!


Now that is the theme of this year’s first box and I have to say the creativity of these monthly themes always gets to me I live for these things plus I think as if this box was designed just for me I’m serious it coordinates so well with my major fitness goals and vibes. I mean just take a look at the bag and you’ll see what I mean… 

So What Do We Have In Our Cute Bag This Month… 
Some pretty cool things I would say!

Oh! did I even tell you that I did not take a peek at the box for the first time until it actually arrived at my doorsteps maybe that’s why it was so much fun, I should do that more often.

A Tarte FRXXXTION Stick 

It’s a gel cleanser but in a twist -up stick format and goes from a gel form to a cleansing lather to gently wash away all impurities from your skin. It’s also something I really wanted to try so ‘thank you’ to Sephora for throwing it in this month’s box, I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like this.

Oh, and do you know why, do you know why they threw it in this months box well it’s compact stick that turns to cleanser which is perfect for the gym and also like traveling and stuff duh that makes sense 🙂

A Youth To The People Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream 

It’s a whipped lightweight cream that helps rejuvenate your skin and delivers antioxidants with potent plant extracts. You read that right, it’s a moisturizer with that has kale, spinach and also green tea, a whole lot of goodness in a small container, it actually felt nice on my skin, I applied like once, just a little but it was good, it sounds good. 

It’s for today’s health conscious beauty lovers uh…sounds like me again this is a 100% vegan skincare line and just like this one here all of the company’s products are created in small amounts in their California lab. Interesting!

A OUAI Treatment Masque

It’s a mask to restore and help care for your damaged hair, will leave your hair strands feeling smooth and soft to the touch. 

It’s created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, makes effortless, cool-girl hair a snap, a healthy looking shine and also strengths hair against future damage.

Here’s a PRO Tip from Jen… at the gym or a spa ? use the mask right before you get active, work it into your hair and shampoo later because the heat will help the formula soak in more.

And depending on how dry your hair is you might just use the whole bottle in one treatment.

A Clinique Almost Lipstick In Black Honey

Oh, I see, see now I get it… It’s a SHEER lip color with a glossy finish in a bestselling, cult-classic shade; Black Honey. 

It’s cool because it ‘goes with anything’ just a swipe, no mirrors necessary works for me again makes your lips look fresh and healthy perfect, perfect, this box is just killing it 

Cool Fact: Black Honey was created in 1971 as a color that would suit any skin tone and someone in the U.S. buys a Black Honey lipstick every three minutes. Wow! I knew there was something special about this thing when I saw it hehe 🙂

A AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 

I like that SPF 50+’ thing I see here. It’s a cushion compact CC cream to hydrate and protect your skin at the same time much needed it gives you a build-able coverage that’s weightless in two bendable shades.

It’s one of Seoul’s most popular luxury beauty brand, innovative, skin-soothing complexion formulas are the thing for keeping your skin moisturized and looking it’s best. I’m ‘excited’ to try this 🙂

This is how you should use this baby… take the blue side of the sponge that comes with this and dip it into either of the cushions. Gently dab/tap all across your face and blend with the sponge. And if you have darker under eyes with a darker skin tone you can use the 104 TAN shade to brighten that up OR if you have a lighter skin tone, you use the 106 ALMOND shade to slightly contour your cheekbones. LOVELY!!!

OMG you guys this thing is AMAZING, I fell in love with it at the very first dab 🙂 🙂 You have to try it out! Super nice to my skin!

A Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume 

Feminine and tender featuring notes of pink pepper, orris, and patchouli.

How sweet… this perfume is inspired by Tory Burch’s favorite romantic couple; her parents. And… wait till you hear this, the perfumes name is ‘actually’ from a love note her father wrote to her mother.

The Blend: Floral family with top pink pepper note, middle orris root and base patchouli

My Winter Morning Routine: The REAL VERSiON

So I thought it would be fun to do a WINTER MORNING ROUTINE here on my blog, I have always loved watching them and now reading them here on the blog. I hope you all enjoy them just as much as I do and that my morning routine doesn’t bore you away from my blog today 🙂 

9:00 A.M   Alarm Goes OFF…Wake Up!!!

Alarm goes off and I hit snooze at least twice, it’s winter break after all, plus there’s something about winter that’s cozy to sleep in and it feels good 🙂 I finally wake up 9:30 or 10:00 sometimes even 11 shh… did I even tell you about my relationship with sleep, it’s a strong bond!

Let’s have a look…

9:30 A.M – 10:00 A.M   Actually Getting Out of Bed… Slowly 

For this morning routine blog we’re going to stick with my ‘normal‘ timing’s.

When I’m ready to finally get out of bed, I find my phone and check my notifications, ehm… WordPress seems to be most active while I’m catching my zzz’s so I reply to comments, then check my snapchat, reply to some messages and you know all that stuff, I stop there with the social media and get out of my bed, stretch a little and go straight to the bathroom, I’ve had this habit for ever, I never skip brushing my teeth and washing my face, never. That’s what wakes me up! I go back and make my bed so it’s looking all nice when I come back to my room plus if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Make your bed every morning, it has such a great impact throughout the day.

Let’s have a look… 🙂 Today’s shoot features my fav Emoji Pillow



10:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M Skincare. Good Morning. Breakfast

Winter is so bad to my skin… I hate it for that reason!

And for that reason, after washing my face, I take care of it. I don’t take too long but I will apply moisturizer to my face/neck, can’t forget the lips and the hands so I throw some hand lotion on and my good old vaseline to my lips, fix my hair a little. As you can tell I do it all quickly and there is NO makeup, none, that’s mainly because I’m hungry and I need breakfast and caffeine before anything else can happen.

Let’s have a look …


I say “good morning to my mom if she’s still in her room” and head down stairs to make me some breakfast. I eat differ things or I try to, and it’s not always healthy, yet, I said yet, cause there will be a time I will always eat healthy I’m working on it.


First thing; I make me some lemon water and drink that before starting breakfast.

A slice of bread with a omelet and of course a good cup of tea, I drink tea in the mornings not coffee, I only need a little something to lift me up and I think that’s a good thing so I keep it at that.

While I have my breakfast I’ll go on my laptop/phone to visit my blog and go through the feed, I have to be on Youtube to watch something while I eat always. That’s how I spend the rest of my morning basically and once I’m done eating, I’ll clean the dishes and head back upstairs or I might just come back to the table and sit there again reading more blogs.


11:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M Starting The Actual Day 

Now the best part of my mornings, you might find it hard to believe that I actually enjoy going to the gym… yeah and that’s how my mornings end. I change to my workout clothes, put on my sneakers, grab the keys, oh and of course a water bottle, see I always forget something but I mostly remember before walking out so that saves me 🙂

And with that I think I’m done with my Winter Morning Routine, I did it! This is like my ‘very’ first morning routine on my blog and it ‘was’ different but in a good way, definitely a bit more work compared to my other posts but well worth it because I enjoyed it 🙂

No wait… my Real Winter Morning Routine yup… there you have it, I finally did it. You guys that’s all, sorry if it was beyond boring but I can tell you one thing it was real, that’s exactly what I do, so if you enjoyed it that makes me really really happy and I love you 🙂 kisses xo

If there’s something I could have done differ, let me know, don’t be shy, and most of all, I want to see your current morning routine you guys know how much I enjoy these. I know mine is a bit late and I’m sorry if was suppose to go up earlier but it’s here NOW!


Stay Beautiful & Share your Morning Routine 🙂 


Disclaimer: The link provided in the post is an affiliate link.

President OBAMA…You Will Be Dearly Missed

Darren Hauck/Getty Images Today is Barack Obama’s last day in the White House, and in his final hours of being the President of the United States, he presented the American people with one last word before Donald Trump is sworn into office tomorrow. In an emotional letter he sent to the White House’s email list Thursday…

via President Obama’s Final Letter To America Will Have You In Tears — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC