Who’s Ready For Another Unboxing ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening wherever you lovely people are. Yes, I am posting two days in a row, I know wow! These days off I’m taking full advantage of the time I have to get some of the stuff on my mind on up on the blog, I still have a lot of school work that I’m putting off because damn I needed a mini getaway, what’s better than blogging 🙂 ok, rambling stops now.

And the unboxing begins, this one is skincare because I’ve been into skincare recently so I whatever I got ended up being skincare related, and hey what’s more important than skincare, makeup comes after ok! You might not know this, but I often just opted for natural remedies/dIY’s for skincare when I started the blog with some skincare products from brands (mostly Clinique) yes, they are like my ‘first’ brand 🙂 and I keep going back for some reason, and that is why you’ll be seeing an unboxing from the brand today. So… I have tried, attempted to record an unboxing video today, don’t judge me okay! 

Clinique Sonic System  

Retails For: $89.50

In Clinique’s Words; Innovative sonic facial cleansing brush that works with your cleanser to create your greatest skin ever. Dermatologist-developed and Swiss-engineered. Waterproof. For all Skin Types.

Meet our new skin-changer:

  • Sonic movement offers deep yet gentle cleansing.
  • Angled tip targets T-Zone and other hard to reach areas.
  • Gently lifts the makeup, dirt and oil hand washing may miss.
  • Makes 3-Step routine more effective.
  • 2-year warranty.

I knew wanted or I should say ‘needed’ a facial cleansing system to deeply clean my skin, I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying and bothersome my skin has been these past couple of months, nothing seemed to make it better, whatever I do only lasts for a like a day so I decided to give this sonic system from Clinique a try and so happy to have bought this cute limited edition design rather than a plain white one 🙂 Here’s a little video I put together for you of the unboxing, let me know how I did and forgive me if I don’t live up to your expectations my lovelies. ↓↓↓


P.S.  This note would not be here in the first place if this blog had went up when I had planned it, HOWEVER, I failed sigh and it was a mess. Now ‘why’ you ask, well I had originally recored or tried to record a unboxing video for you guys in this post and also edited that video to my best potential but…  now you can probably guess what happened; well that video just wouldn’t download from iMovie (error -50) but don’t worry I still included a ‘unboxing’ video but I would love it if someone could leave me some tips on using editing apps, thanks lovelies 🙂 xo

Also, this blog is overdue for almost a month, forgive me 🙂


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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