Totally Obsessed!

Hello my lovelies, how are youu? and if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and why there hasn’t been a new post since my very last one; 200 Followers: Thank You. As much as I would love to create a new post for you, I just haven’t been able to :(. However, today on a chilly evening there is nothing I’d rather be doing than getting comfy with this totally cute blog post all while sipping my tea 🙂 oh what a feeling hehe, the leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, it’s all about the boots and cute sweater dresses!

Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with my title here, is this about boots, a fall lookbook? umm… not exactly, when I say “Totally Obsessed” I’m talking about this guy over here, which is totally worth the obsession. But I ‘could’ do a post just on boots (that’s a great idea) 

Disclaimer: Get ready for a lot of pictures 🙂



Wanna know something interesting, no? oh well, I’m going to tell you anyways and that is… this is my first ever purchase of ”Too Faced’ products, yess! but don’t be surprised cause I only new to makeup and like most beginners of course I started out with other brands, which are really inexpensive. So yeah, this is totally getting me hyped, anddd… of course I’ve tried all the things I actually put them on as soon as I received them, expect two things, which I still haven’t tired It’s one of those where I had a feeling I was going to love it  not to mention that I seen everyone use it over and over again I am in love!

What’s Great About This? 

It lets you get your hands on all these things you want the most for like the price of one, also lets say you do want more of each product, you can simply purchase it anytime however if by any chance it doesn’t work for you ‘well’ let’s just say you saved yourself a lot of money. win, win?

Why I Purchased It From Macys?

Well, one reason… there are no shipping requirements on macy’s, they ship beauty products for free. Me, I always buy a few things at a time that’s why it works best for me. It retails for $25 plus tax on both Macy’s and Too Faced but watch out for ebay lol.

What’s In It?

Now to the fun part finally after my long chit chatter lol so here’s what you get in this set, the products speak for themselves 🙂 and almost all of you are familiar with them just like I am but I just wanted to share this purchase with you for two reasons; one, it was my first purchase from ‘TOO FACED’ which is exciting 🙂 two, if you’re like me and looked at this set for a while but wasn’t sure if it was worth it, than you can see all of the products in detail, like their size, colors and all. Here we go…





There you have it guys, all five products! I had so much fun just creating this post, now let’s see if you all enjoy it just as much. (I haven’t tired the primers yet) but yeah, if you would like an full individual review of any of these let me know in the comments below, as well as which one of these is your top favorite. Thank you for all your love so far, you guys are awesome! xoxo


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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